What I Love about Christmas…

Good Evening,

It’s nearly the weekend – YAAY!!

I absolutely LOVE Christmas and I thought I would share with you all my reasons why I love it as much as I do! 

Christmas Spirit

Everyone is so jolly, so happy, so festive that for some reason it creates a superb atmosphere. No matter where you go, whether you’re in the supermarket, at work, Christmas shopping, whatever it is you’re doing, the Christmas spirit is always there with you!

The Decorations

Everything is so colourful and jolly. All the shops have bright lights and sparkly decorations for sale. Driving past houses on my way home from work and seeing everyone’s trees and decorations lit up, glistening through their windows. I spend so much money on Christmas decs, I like to get a few new ones every year, not necessarily expensive ones either. I get super excited when it’s time for us to decorate the Christmas Tree and the house, getting the music on full blast, singing away, putting up the decs and making it look so pretty!

A few of my new Christmas decorations for 2018.

Wrapping Presents

There is something special about putting together a gift. Wrapping it up and putting a pretty bow on top is so pleasing. Having a theme for my wrap is so important – this year I’ve chosen navy and copper. Then to make it even better – putting it under the tree makes it even more beautiful.

Spending time with my family & friends

I honestly can’t think of anything that beats spending quality time with your family and friends. The conversations are always funny and entertaining. Playing games, giving out your presents,unwrapping presents together, catching up and just having a real good laugh, feeling Christmassy and festive. You create more memories as you reminisce on the old ones.

The Food

Wow Wow Wow, the food at Christmas is insane. You get to have a wonderful home-cooked meal and gather around the table with friends and family. My Mum makes the best Christmas Dinner!! The buffet food you have on Christmas Day night & Boxing Day, the chocolates, the wine, the cocktails, all of it is truly scrumptious!! Christmas is a great excuse to eat lots, more than you normally would. Also, I love baking at this time of year, mince pies, cookies and biscuits!

Christmas Shopping

Okay,so I am a little obsessed with shopping this time of year. I have bought WAAAY too much and I even have a bag of extra presents because I have bought too many! I love walking through the city with a puffer coat on feeling cosy and wrapped up warm whilst looking for presents and looking at all the Christmas gifts. I get so giddy and excited when I buy a gift for a loved one. I imagine their reaction and what they’re going to feel inside when they unwrap their gift. Also, Christmas markets are awesome, just from attending one, you come away feeling 10 times more festive than before you went.

A Christmas Tree at a Garden Centre I visited.

Christmas Movies

So, this is kind of a big one for me as I absolutely live for Christmas films. I know the words to all of the Home Alone Films, The Santa Clause Movies and of course Elf. I always watch the same Christmas films each year, I just get the same ones out and I just sit and watch them so many times, I don’t care! I love them! These films literally make Christmas for me. I love snuggling in a warm blanket with a hot chocolate whist watching some of my favourite Christmas films – now that is special to me.

The Magic

Now this is something I will never ever leave behind whilst I’m growing up. For me Christmas is ALL about the magic. It’s amazing how special and magical it is even though I don’t have children. I speak to so many people who aren’t bothered about Christmas and they’re not interested in it – obviously, this is their own opinion, I respect that. HOWEVER, I’m not a mad Christmas girl in regards to decorating or whatever, BUT I do love to celebrate and get that Christmas fever going!

The Music

I bloody love Christmas music, I don’t know how but as soon as I hear a Christmas song I just automatically get giddy and jig about like a little girl. I go to Christingle, so for me Carols also play a huge part in feeling the Christmassy vibe. I sing at the top of my voice and I feel great when doing so.

Christmas Clothing

Lastly, I love the Christmas clothing. The sequins, the sparkles, the jumpers, just all of it. It’s incredible. I’ve purchased some Christmas pyjamas, I have Christmas knickers, I also have some Christmas socks, I mean…. I am ready for this!!!! My work Christmas party is next Saturday night and I will be sure to show you all my outfit. It’s an ombre sequin dress – I’m not going to say anymore about it so that it is a surprise for you all!!

“It’s the most wonderful time of the year…”

So guys, these are the main reasons why I love Christmas, I do have a lot of reasons but for me, these 10 points sum it up well. I am considering doing another blog based on point 8, as I have a lot to say about my experience with the magic of Christmas.

Let me know what you’re favourite things are about Christmas, I would love to know!!


Berry Obsessed…

Happy Sunday everyone!

I hope everyone is having a great weekend and feeling festive – December is very very soon!!!!

So with Christmas just around the corner, I knew I HAD to get my berry coloured products ready.

I always have my nails done, whether they’re painted or false – and recently I have been using deep berry/purple colours, they go with so many outfits plus it adds so much colour, as well as making me feel fabulous!

I rarely wear coloured lipstick when I go out, normally I go for a natural gloss or matte nude colour. However, the other day I thought I would wear a berry lipstick – BEST DECISION I have made in a while as it made me fall in love with this time of year and lipsticks all over again! With me having really long blonde hair, lipsticks always stand out on me, no matter what the colour is. What I love about this berry colour is the fact that it makes me feel so cosy and wintery. It looks adorable with my hair up or my hair down and similarly my nails look great with just the berry colour on them or with a little bit of glitter on too. Christmas is coming guys and I am beyond excited!

There are 3 different lipsticks shown, 2 Lip Crayons, 1 Nail Varnish and 1 Set of false nails. These are my go-to products for creating that berry, wintery, cosy look! 

I think it’s fair to say that I am BERRY obsessed with these products. If you don’t own any beauty products in the colour shade berry, you need to get your life sorted and go out & get some!!!! A few products in the photo are from Primark, probably the most expensive being the double end Lip Crayon at £3.00. It’s amazing and if you want to feel Christmassy just from wearing a lipstick or nail varnish, this is the colour that will MAKE. THAT. HAPPEN!

As an added extra – there will definitely be a Blog about Christmas, decorations, festive music & food! I’m sure from this one blog you can tell how much I love Christmas; it would be a shame not to include my followers in the magic of My Christmas!



Anatomy of a Successful Blog Post Template

New Lune

As I’ve mentioned many times already, Pinterest is an amazing platform to get traffic to your website. One of the ways to drive traffic is by creating templates for your blog posts.

I’ve already shared some free templates on my blog (you can find them here) + a tutorial on how to create them but today I wanted to share with you the anatomy of a successful blog post template so if you’re interested, keep on reading!

Comme je l’ai déjà mentionné à plusieurs reprises, Pinterest est une plate-forme incroyable pour générer du trafic sur votre site Web. L’un des moyens de générer du trafic consiste à créer des modèles pour vos articles de blog.

J’ai déjà partagé quelques modèles gratuits sur mon blog (vous pouvez les trouver ici) + un tutoriel sur la façon de les créer, mais aujourd’hui je voulais partager avec vous l’anatomie d’un modèle…

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Blogging isn’t easy but be patient…

Happy Sunday everyone,
So, I’ve been really struggling with my Blog, just to get followers etc and when I have a full time job Monday-Friday, it’s difficult to find time to sit down and really focus on making my Blog better.
With this in mind, last week I decided to contact a Blogger I follow – I absolutely LOVE what she writes about and she is so successful. I just wanted to get some advice & tips on how to be a good blogger and gain more followers. It would be great to get noticed. When she replied, I took everything on board that she said and made some changes etc. I don’t currently pay for WordPress, and when I spoke to the Blogger she said she does but it hasn’t made a huge difference. Therefore, for now, I am going to continue on the free plan and keep doing what I am doing.
I woke up on the Tuesday morning and saw I had got 8 likes on various posts and gained 4 new followers!! This made me so happy – I know some of you have thousands & thousands of likes, but just get the small amount I had got, just made me feel much better about writing my blogs.
I then woke up Wednesday morning and I saw on my notifications that someone had written a comment on one of my blogs – I just could not believe it!!!! I finally feel like what I am writing about and doing, is paying off.
I’m going to continue with the advice I was given and fingers crossed it will be a success! The key to blogging is never give up – I’ve been blogging for a year now and it seems to have taken ages for me to achieve such a huge milestone of getting ONE comment on a blog. It’s going to take time and we all know how hard it is, we’ve got to support one another and keep going! I need to stay positive and remember that I am doing this for my own self satisfaction.



Self-confidence and the beauty behind it…

Happy Sunday everyone,

I think it’s fair to say and I’m sure there will be many people out there who will agree when I say that everyone has got to that point in life when you haven’t considered yourself confident. Personally I would say to embrace them moments when you have doubts, it helps to challenge your mind and look into what it is you’re doubting. Only you can unlock your potential, you are the only person who can share yourself with the world and show the beauty of being confident. Be comfortable with yourself, recognise your worth, and know where you want to be in life. These aspects are vital and no matter what your dreams may be, self-confidence is an important tool in achieving them.

Self-confidence starts internally, so this could be caring/looking after our body, our mind, our soul. You try to improve yourself on a daily basis because we all know that to be confident, we MUST love and accept ourselves first.

The key thing to remember is that self-love and having confidence is not selfish; having confidence and being true to yourself is admirable.

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Some Girl’s Never Change…

Good Evening,

So, once again here is my opinion and personal view on something I have been through.

I have to agree with everyone out there that says that the scars of being bullied are long-lasting and take time to heal. I REALLY believe that this is true and I am speaking from experience. As you know from my previous blogs, I did struggle through Secondary School with bullies. There was once a time when I was ashamed to admit it, however as I have grown up, I have realised it is so common and it needs to stop. I have realised that there is absolutely no shame in admitting that I was once bullied, there is nothing to hide from anymore – it’s something I went through in the past and in-fact, I have come away from it all a better and much stronger person.

The way it scars you is different for everyone, however with me, the main thing that has stuck with me is the bitchiness. Bullying is a very wide subject and it comes in a variety of ways. For me, the comments boys used to make about me and the actions they made towards me, yeah they hurt, but I got to a point where I could laugh them off in front of them, but then I would come home and cry. I never showed I was upset or that it affected me. On the other hand, the GIRLS were hell!!! They were by far the worst for me. I don’t know why or how it is possible for them to affect me so much but they did. The comments, the sniggering, the bitchiness, the rudeness, the actions, the giddiness – just EVERYTHING. Girls are so bloody horrible to one another and it just isn’t acceptable anymore. I don’t understand how it’s STILL happening. The sad thing is, it never stops in your life – yes I experienced it at secondary school, but they continue to do it through your working life too!

I used to say to my family ‘Oh I can’t wait to be free and be working full time; away from the girls at school…’ My family would say to me ‘Grace, there will be bitchy girls and bullying in the workplace too..’ And oh wow were they right! I’m sat writing this blog now and I’m actually a little shocked at what I am typing haha.

The girls have really affected my confidence, although I come across confident & chatty; on the inside I am curling up. Someone could say or do something really lovely for me but in the back of my head I get suspicious and doubt them massively. Or, if someone compliments me, I NEVER take it well (unless it’s my family or my boyfriend.) It’s that sort of affect it’s had on me – I struggle to believe people, trust people or have the confidence in myself.

For a 20 year old girl, that’s very sad.

Even now I am experiencing jealously, bitchiness, rudeness but 3-4 years ago I would’ve cried my eyes out and ran away from it all – now, I’m much stronger and I’ve realised I just don’t have the time to entertain the bitchy girls. If they want to behave like 12 year olds, let them. ‘Age doesn’t define maturity, some people will never grow up.’

It’s great that I can see how I’ve grown, got stronger and most importantly I’ve been able to rise above it all and do well in my life.


Mean Girls


It’s Okay To Not Know…


When it comes to making decisions, I can be a little slow, especially when it is about my career or life changing decisions.

It wasn’t until a few weeks ago when I sat down and really thought about my life, that I realised that it doesn’t actually matter if I haven’t got an exact plan of my life pencilled in my brain. After all, the best things come to us when we’re not looking for them, right?

I didn’t know what career path I wanted to take (even after being made redundant and even now I am in a full time job!!)  I still have no idea what I want to do with all these years of life that I have standing in front of me.

Everyone has a different experience within education – I was unhappy, unfulfilled and I felt as though I just needed to break free. It was almost like I had outgrown it, I needed to move on. Everyone else wanted to go to university, but I didn’t. I felt stuck, not knowing what to do with my life. Sometimes it’s good to not follow the crowd, do your own thing because now, I sit back and realise that I made the right decision by not going to University.

I don’t really know how to describe the feeling of ‘not knowing’, but I am sure so many of us have experienced the same feeling. This is how I see it – it’s a feeling I hate. You feel so empty; maybe emotionless. You’re not happy but you’re also not sad. Your head is spinning but you can’t feel anything. People say ‘tell me how you feel?’, ‘speak to me?’, ‘how are you feeling?’ – but you don’t know, you have no words to explain the way you are feeling. It’s weird.

It’s okay to not know what you want in life and equally it’s okay to not know how you feel or how you’re feeling. People come and go in our lives, it’s all part of growing up so we are expected to feel empty, emotionless and confused. Life isn’t about finding yourself or being someone else; it’s about creating yourself.

You’ve just got to remember to not beat yourself up for not knowing the answers. You don’t always have to know who you are, you don’t have to have the big picture or know where you’re heading. Sometimes, it’s enough just to know what you’re going to do next.